Magic Ponza

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is dedicated to the beautiful island of Ponza, which is for sure one of my favourite Italian islands and one of those magic places you must visit at least once in your life time. Ponza is the largest island within the archipelago delle isole Ponziane, followed by the island of Palmarola, Zannone and Gavi. The only way to reach Ponza is by boat, many of which depart from Formia, Anzio (in the region of Lazio), Naples and Ischia. I must admit getting to Ponza is not the easiest of trips, however this is probably what makes this island so unique. Everything you’ll sea in Ponza is not ordinary at all, starting from the enchanted landscapes, the white cliffs, the colours of the magic town, the antique walls, the exquisite food, the fishing boats that carry fresh fish to the harbour every morning.

A day in Ponza is made of many little magic components. The morning starts with a  visit to the main town for some food shopping, a walk in the many traditional boutiques or a breakfast overlooking the beautiful harbour. Then it is advisable to rent a typical gozzo and sail to one of the breath taking beaches. Among the many: Chiaia di Luna, Cala Feola (Natural pools), Arco Naturale, Cala Fonte or the island of Palmarola (little island 15 minutes from Ponza by boat). In the evening, night life, music and events animate the town and last but not least the island offers exceptional eats, my favourite restaurants are: Solo a Vela (Il Frontone, Ponza), Orèstorante (Via Dietro la Chiesta 3, Ponza), Ristorante Aniello e Gennaro, also known as “La Bestia” (Spiaggia Cala Feola, Ponza) and Ristorante EEA (Via Umberto, Ponza).





Natural Rock Arch


Cala Feola Tiny Fisher Harbour

View from Breakfast Bar

Ponza Town & Harbour


Ponza at Sunset


Natural Rock Arch


Fruit&Veg Store


Chiaia di Luna


White Cliffs


Turquoise sea


Cala Feola


Muscles for Lunch


Lunch at sea


Tuna with caramelised onions and mint at Orestorante



Fresh Lobsters at Aniello e Gennaro Restaurant




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